Monday, February 24, 2014

Fashion Trends!!   Part I

What can I say about fashion me fashion trends should be more diverse, all I see in Instagram, Facebook, Yahoo, or any other major media, is practically the same look, same style, and same major brand names.  

I personally love to experiment on all my looks from casual to daring!!  If it feels good on my skin then I will definitely wear it.

I am having fun being me! Photograph by R PHOTO DESIGNS
Here I am at a kid birthday wearing the most comfortable top from T.J. Maxx, Versace sunglasses, necklace from a local vendor, and earrings from Charlotte Russe. I felt comfortable and of course Cute and Fashionable for that specific occasion.

I did not follow a specific fashion trend, I just created my own style on which I incorporated Beautiful items from all price ranges, I believe I pulled it off!!!!

"Do you think I pulled it off?"

So why can we see more fashion trends for the everyday girl-women-lady on our normal un-staged life style?

Thammy's Boutique  goal is to bring amazing styles at very affordable prices to the everyday women-girl-lady.

I believe in looking your best everyday no matter the occasion and on a small budget, this way our wardrobe will look like we all girls always dream about.

Follow me here on my blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and of course at my online Thammy's Boutique to get all the latest updates on the new and old styles that we can definitely have fun putting them together.

Have a great Week!!!!

Hello Everyone I am Thammy from Thammy's Boutique. Photograph by R PHOTO DESIGNS


  1. Great post Thammy! Keep up the good work!

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